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5 Reasons to Recycle Ink Cartridges

Everybody knows that recycling is the economically-friendly thing to do, but everybody might not be aware that there is much more that you can recycle than simply paper, plastic and aluminum. You can, in fact, even recycle items like used ink cartridges. Businesses and educational institutions might find it especially useful to recycle their ink cartridges since there is something that they could get out of engaging in the activity as well. There are at least 5 reasons to recycle ink cartridges that individuals and businesses should be aware of.

  1. First of all, recycling ink cartridges reduces the strain on local landfills. Ink cartridges are not biodegradable, so they will remain in local landfills for several hundreds of years once they are placed there.
  2. Also, for each ink cartridge that is recycled, almost three pounds of natural resources are saved since they won't have to go towards the production of a new ink cartridge.
  3. Additionally, each ink cartridge that is recycled saves an average of 3.5 ounces of oil, which is definitely significant since the demand for oil is rising, yet the supply is sinking.
  4. Recycling ink cartridges also helps save consumers money because the empty cartridges provide companies with already-made cartridges that they can simply refill with ink. Therefore, consumers can receive the ink at discounted prices.
  5. Finally, the last of the 5 reasons to recycle ink cartridges is that it is easy and can even help you make back some of the money that you spent on the cartridges in the first place. A variety of companies will pay you anywhere from a couple of dollars to $15 for your used ink cartridges.

Recycling ink cartridges makes for the perfect fundraiser for schools. Schools can send flyers home with their children asking parents to donate their used ink cartridges to them. Businesses can also launch ink recycling campaigns as well.

Dramatic Buy-Back Price Increases on Many Empties

Below is an abbreviated list of the higher demand empties. The link to our complete price list of empties is above.

High Demand Cartridges:

Canon 211XL $2.50
Canon 241XL $2.50
Canon 245XL $2.50
Canon 246XL $3.00
HP 15 $3.00
HP 45 $3.00
HP 61 Black & Color $1.25
HP 61XL Black $1.50
HP 61XL Color $1.50
HP 62 Black & Color $2.00
HP 62XL Black & Color $2.00
HP 63 Black & Color $1.50
HP 63XL Black & Color $2.00
HP 64 Black & Color $1.50
HP 64XL Black & Color $2.00
HP 65 Black & Color $1.50
HP 65XL Black & Color $2.00
Brother TN-730/760 $1.00
Brother DR-850 $1.00
Canon 052H $3.00
Dell B2360/B3460 $1.00
Dell B5460/B5465 $1.00
HP 26A $1.00
HP 26X $4.00
HP 37A $2.00
HP 37X $5.00
HP 58A $3.00
HP 58X $8.00
HP 87A $1.00
HP 87X $5.00
HP 89A $2.00
HP 89X/87Y $4.00
Lex MS310/MS410 $1.00
Lex MS710/MS810 $1.00
HP 201X/414X $1.00
HP 508X $2.00
HP 657X/658X $2.00

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