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Dazz Cycle Fundraising

Raise funds for your School or Organization and Do something Wonderful for the Environment.

As you may have experienced in your school system, like countless others throughout the country, budgets have been slashed dramatically and many school systems have capped already low teacher pay. Some schools can’t even afford current textbooks, let alone the Computers needed to educate our kids in this new Global Economy. At the same time, parents are already strapped because of the rapidly rising cost of education, health care, and many other factors. Some teachers have even reached into their own pocket just to buy school supplies necessary for their lesson plan! If you are with a Church or an organization you have also probably already experienced the "crunch" of our current economy.

This is why Dazz Cycle Fundraising Program for school is a good way to help generate much needed funds for your school or organization. Unlike most other fundraising programs, Dazz Cycle GIVES you money for recycling your trash and requires no buying or money upfront.

Why choose Dazzle Cycle’s Fundraising program?

  • No Selling Involved

    You are just taking trash that would otherwise be thrown in the landfill and recycling it to generate money for your school. No pushy sales or guilt trips here!

  • 100% Profit

    You are just turning "Trash into Cash."

  • It's Free

    Many Schools simply send a note home with their students (organizations can do the same thing) instructing students to bring in empty cartridges to school.

  • It's Green

    Each year more than 350 million inkjets and laser cartridges are thrown away. Why throw stuff into the landfill when you can recycle and generate much needed funds for Educational items? Over 2 billion ink cartridges were used last year. Cartridges are EVERYWHERE!

  • Teach Kids About Sustainability

    Inkjet and Laser Recycling programs are a good way to teach kids about Global Warming. Did you know it can take up to 3 quarts of oil just to produce one laser cartridge?

  • Teach Kids to Develop Social Skills

    Kids can go to local businesses to collect cartridges. In addition, these businesses might also help your school or organization generate funds by donating their empty cartridges.

  • Free Marketing and Advertising Materials

    The following are link's to some PDF support fliers. These can be distributed to generate awareness and notify people of your fundraiser.

    School Version Non-School Version

  • Free Shipping and Quick Payment

  • Easy to Manage Program with No Buying Required

  • This is an Ongoing and Long-term Fundraising Program

High Demand Cartridges

High Demand Cartridges:

Canon 211XL $1.00
Canon 240XL $2.00
Canon 241XL $2.50
Canon 245 / 246 $1.75
Canon 245XL / 246XL $1.75
Canon 260XL/261XL $2.00
Canon 275XL / 276XL $1.75
HP 60XL Blk $1.00
HP 61 Blk & Clr $1.00
HP 61XL Blk & Clr $1.25
HP 62 Blk & Clr $1.25
HP 62XL $1.50
HP 63XL Blk & Clr $1.25
HP 64XL $1.50
HP 67XL $1.50
HP 65XL $1.25
HP 901 Blk $1.00
HP 901 Clr $0.25
HP 901XL $1.00
HP 15 $1.00
HP 45 $1.50
Brother TN-730/TN-760 $1.00
Brother TN-850 $1.00
Dell B2360/B3460 $1.50
Lex MS710/810 $3.00
HP 37X $2.00
HP 58A $1.50
HP 58X $5.00
HP 87X $2.00
HP 89X $3.00
HP 89Y $4.00
HP 87A $2.00
HP 147X $1.00
HP 147Y $1.00
HP 206X $2.00
HP 508X $1.50
HP 656X $2.00

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