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How to Recycle Printer Ink

Recycling is good for the environment, and it's an activity that various businesses, individuals and education institutions alike engage in. There is much more that you can recycle than simply paper, plastic and aluminum, though. You can even recycle printer ink and various other business supplies like toner cartridges. Plus, what's even better about recycling such items is that you can even make a little bit of money back by doing it.

Various companies will pay individuals and businesses to recycle their printer and toner cartridges. If you want to know how to recycle printer ink, it's quite simple. You simply locate a company that will pay you for your old printer and toner cartridges, fill out an inventory of how many cartridges you want to recycle and what types they are, and then most companies will come to you to pick them up at no cost to you. The answer for how to recycle printer ink has never been easier. Many companies pay you anywhere from a couple of bucks to $15 for your used ink cartridges as well.

To raise even more money for your business or institution, you can get the community involved. Post signs in the lobby of your establishment to notify the public of your recycling effort. Send flyers home with children if you're school collecting used ink cartridges as a fundraising project. Offer an incentive for people to turn in their used ink cartridges to you as well. For instance, you can have a commemorative plaque drawn up for the person who donates the most ink cartridges for the fundraiser and then place the plaque on display in your establishment or award it to the person at a banquet.

High Demand Cartridges

High Demand Cartridges:

Canon 211XL $1.00
Canon 240XL $1.50
Canon 241XL $1.75
Canon 245 / 246 $1.25
Canon 245XL / 246XL $1.25
Canon 260XL 261XL $1.50
Canon 275XL / 276XL $1.50
HP 60XL Blk $0.50
HP 61 Blk & Clr $1.00
HP 61XL Blk & Clr $1.00
HP 62 Blk & Clr $1.50
HP 62XL $1.75
HP 63XL Blk & Clr $1.00
HP 64XL $1.75
HP 67XL $1.25
HP 65XL $1.00
HP 901 Clr/Blk $0.50
HP 901XL $0.50
HP 15 $2.00
HP 45 $2.00
Brother TN-730/TN-760 $1.00
Brother TN-850 $1.00
Dell B2360/B3460 $1.50
Lex MS710/810 $3.00
HP 37X $2.00
HP 58A $2.00
HP 58X $5.00
HP 87X $2.00
HP 89X $3.00
HP 89Y $4.00
HP 87A $2.00
HP 147X $1.00
HP 147Y $1.00
HP 206X $2.00
HP 508X $1.50
HP 656X $2.00

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