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Recycle Toner Cartridges for Cash

People like to talk about turning trash into treasure, but this often means digging through other people's garbage cans, dumpster diving and looking in abandoned homes. How would you like to make money without getting your hands dirty? With toner cartridge recycling, you can make money using things you might otherwise throw away. Dazzle Cycle makes recycling easy. As long as you have a few cartridges on hand and a few bags to put those cartridges in, you can send away the old toner and make some extra money.

What Type of Cartridges Can I Send?

You can send in almost any type of cartridges you have laying around. Dazzle Cycle accepts old toner from Brother, Canon, Dell, HP, Samsung and Lexmark. The price you receive depends on the rarity and the cost of that toner new. While the more expensive brands will bring higher dollars when you recycle, you can make $1 or more for each toner cartridge you send from other companies and brands. You can even check the Dazzle Cycle website to see the current price given for each type of cartridge based on model name and number before you mail in your package.

How to Recycle

Recycling those old cartridges is easy. Simply place each cartridge in a different plastic bag, place those bags in a box, add an address label and drop the box off at your post office. You need to send a minimum of 10 laser cartridges or 30 inkjet cartridges with each package, but keep in mind that the more you send, the more you make. Dazzle Cycle will also accept products still in the original package, which is a good way to get rid of old cartridges when you upgrade your printers or find that you still have old cartridges on hand.

Toner cartridge recycling is the best way for schools and other organizations to make money. Keep a box on display where visitors can drop off old cartridges, empty the box at the end of the week and send in the cartridges once a month. Depending on how many you have, you can make some big bucks.

Dramatic Buy-Back Price Increases on Many Empties

Below is an abbreviated list of the higher demand empties. The link to our complete price list of empties is above.

High Demand Cartridges:

Canon 211XL $2.50
Canon 241XL $2.50
Canon 245XL $2.50
Canon 246XL $3.00
HP 15 $3.00
HP 45 $3.00
HP 61 Black & Color $1.25
HP 61XL Black $1.50
HP 61XL Color $1.50
HP 62 Black & Color $2.00
HP 62XL Black & Color $2.00
HP 63 Black & Color $1.50
HP 63XL Black & Color $2.00
HP 64 Black & Color $1.50
HP 64XL Black & Color $2.00
HP 65 Black & Color $1.50
HP 65XL Black & Color $2.00
Brother TN-730/760 $1.00
Brother DR-850 $1.00
Canon 052H $3.00
Dell B2360/B3460 $1.00
Dell B5460/B5465 $1.00
HP 26A $1.00
HP 26X $4.00
HP 37A $2.00
HP 37X $5.00
HP 58A $3.00
HP 58X $8.00
HP 87A $1.00
HP 87X $5.00
HP 89A $2.00
HP 89X/87Y $4.00
Lex MS310/MS410 $1.00
Lex MS710/MS810 $1.00
HP 201X/414X $1.00
HP 508X $2.00
HP 657X/658X $2.00

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