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Toner Cartridge Recycling Program

If you have a number of used ink cartridges and aren't sure what to do with them, Dazz Cycle can help. The company accepted cartridges for their recycling program, and pays you for each cartridge you submit to them. The toner cartridge recycling program is ideal for school, as it makes for an easy way for schools to fundraise. The process of user printer cartridges more than one is environmentally friendly, since it keeps the cartridges from being transported to landfills and taking up space, and prevents the unnecessary use of oil that it takes to create new cartridges.

If you're interested in toner cartridge recycling, you can visit the Dazz Cycle website and refer to the chart that lets you know how much each of your cartridges is worth. The chart is arranged according to cartridge brand and type so you can easily find the product descriptions that match the items you want to send to Dazz Cycle.

To work with Dazz Cycle for a toner cartridge recycling program, you can send out permission slips with your students if you're a teacher or school faculty member. There's a chart on the website that will even tell you which cartridges are in highest demand so you can include this in the letter. A number of parents will easily get on board with a program like this, since it doesn't cost anything to participate. A project like this can also prompt children to get more involved in their communities, since students can ask neighbors or local business owners to donate cartridges. Dazz Cycle will even supply school with free flyers that can be printed from the company's website so the fundraiser can be properly advertised.

Once you're ready to send your ink cartridges in, make sure they are packaged according to the instructions outlined on the organization's website to keep the items from getting damaged. Dazz Cycle even holds a monthly contest and awards prizes to the school or organization that donates the most toner cartridges according to monetary value. For more detailed information on how to get started with a cartridge recycling program, refer to the company website or call Dazz Cycle's toll free number.

High Demand Cartridges

High Demand Cartridges:

Canon 211XL $1.00
Canon 240XL $1.50
Canon 241XL $1.75
Canon 245 / 246 $1.25
Canon 245XL / 246XL $1.25
Canon 260XL 261XL $1.50
Canon 275XL / 276XL $1.50
HP 60XL Blk $0.50
HP 61 Blk & Clr $1.00
HP 61XL Blk & Clr $1.00
HP 62 Blk & Clr $1.50
HP 62XL $1.75
HP 63XL Blk & Clr $1.00
HP 64XL $1.75
HP 67XL $1.25
HP 65XL $1.00
HP 901 Clr/Blk $0.50
HP 901XL $0.50
HP 15 $2.00
HP 45 $2.00
Brother TN-730/TN-760 $1.00
Brother TN-850 $1.00
Dell B2360/B3460 $1.50
Lex MS710/810 $3.00
HP 37X $2.00
HP 58A $2.00
HP 58X $5.00
HP 87X $2.00
HP 89X $3.00
HP 89Y $4.00
HP 87A $2.00
HP 147X $1.00
HP 147Y $1.00
HP 206X $2.00
HP 508X $1.50
HP 656X $2.00

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